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Tearing Cards and Slaying Games (Legacy Games)

Legacy Games are our newest jam - we can’t get enough of them! Here are three of the ones we’ve played which we feel are easy introductions, but are different enough for everyone to endeavour in to!

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Devilish Deck-Building (Sins Review)

Light deck-builders are often big hit or major miss. Sins is a big, big hit for us! Fast play, structured rounds, and excellent fun! Check out why we enjoyed it so much!

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Sharing Mars (On Mars Review)

The behemoth of a hit that was On Mars by Eagle-Gryphon Games scared a fair few people with its complexity. We delved into its workings to find out what it’s all about!

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Faerie Chess (Half Blind Unboxing)

Faerie Chess has been a lovely concept for a long time, with new pieces being available to players. Brybelly went one step further and produced the game with unique pieces in a lovely concept. Check out our first impressions here of what's actually in the box here!

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Rockin’, Rollin’ and Tile Layin’ (Geode Preview)

Tile laying games come in many flavours, but Geode rocked our sock off with its ease of access but high mastery! Check out our preview!

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Down, But Not Out! (Revenge of the Dodo Preview)

Games with take that risk the “sit and watch” mentality... Revenge of the Dodo, an expansion to Beasts Edge of Extinction, removes this risk beautifully! Check out our preview of this cracking upcoming Kickstarter!