A recap on what you don’t know..

I’m a board-gamer. That’s who I am. It’s in my blood, though that may just be my competitive nature and argumentative roots. Now, I’m not one to mince my words even though board games are something I have an actual passion for. I can be both overly brutal and overly frivolous with my opinions. But that’s the purpose behind a blog isn’t it? A subjective opinion from someone who has taken the time to construct one.

With Kickstarter being a constant drain on my wallet I think I can definitely claim to have a wide range of tastes in terms of what I play and enjoy, with plenty of both old and new games on the way (much to my bank accounts dismay!)

For some background; I’m a northern bloke who no longer lives in the north. I live with my partner and our bambino in a fairly normal part of England. I’ve been a fan of games since I was born, but board games came into my life when I was about 16. Since then, I’ve played a tremendous number of games. From quick fire thinking to the 3 hour planning, coop or competitive I’m willing to have a go at everything. I’m not one to claim I’ve played it all, but I’m eager to try and do so!

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