Boardgame moments

Waiting for Coma Ward (BG Moment)

I know these ‘waiting for’ posts aren’t as interesting to read as a review/experience of, especially when this is the second in 2 days, but this is another one I’m hyped for. Everything Epic, the developers, kept a very tight lid on lots of details of the campaign and didn’t reveal a grand deal of the cards’ contents or what it might be that’s lurking in the dark, and I think that’s what really hooked me! But that seems a common theme throughout the game, not knowing which other players to trust nor what they might be plotting to do. Not knowing whether the ‘phenomenon’ will make the game cooperative or competitive also puts you on the edge of your seat… I love a good horror/spooky game where every game is different, and that’s why I’m hyped. The unknown is what’s scary in life, and that’s what makes me excited to know that it’s arriving very shortly! Another game I’m very, very excited to play! If you haven’t checked out their campaign, even though it’s finished, I really recommend you do!