Boardgame moments

Pandemic: On the Brink (BG Moment)

My amazing partner bought me this expansion yesterday for our anniversary (she knows the way to my heart… Games). I’m really excited to try this one out! As I said in my Pandemic review, I think it’s a great game but it’s not without fault. You can read the review here! But those faults were always brought out in the ridiculous ways you can lose. This expansion adds a 5th player. A competitive player who’s trying to make the original 4 lose. A Bio-Terrorist. Someone who can win due to the shocking circumstances, order and sheer random bad luck of the other players. And if there’s one thing I’m on board with, it’s competing and winning against a whole team (if you thought I was going to say bioterrorism then there’s clearly something wrong with you). It also adds a 5th disease which I know very little about, nor do I understand the mechanics of, yet.

I’m not going into too much detail with this moment, but you can expect another post in the near future on this expansion. The competitive excitement is real.