Boardgame moments

Dice Hospital (BG Moment)

Gonna spoil the moment straight away. It’s a great game (although I may be bias as I won). This is in no way an in-depth review as I’ve not played it enough to pick out faults or strengths, but you can see it as an opinion straight after playing. Hot off the press!

The game requires you to collect patients of varying health (based on dice values) and to heal and discharge them using the range of departments and specialists you have collected. The game rewards those who take riskier casualties and who work to discharge lots of patients at one time. Though waste too much time and your patients will drop like flies. The game is played over 8 rounds. All players take the same actions of a round at the same time in a rotation, so while learning no one was lost. However once we’d got to grips with certain stages of a round we were able to come together after completing the required actions and we resolved the scores and collected anything we needed.

The quality of the game is amazing. The meeple look fantastic and the cards have incredible little details that show the effort the developers threw into the game! The rules are thorough (again, at first glance) and explain the symbols on the cards in plain English. The only qualm we found was the aesthetics of the Deluxe edition from Kickstarter; the 3D printed ambulances are a lovely idea but we found them tremendously impractical, as was the dice tower provided. But, again, nothing so impractical it affected the gameplay whatsoever.This is one of those Kickstarters I ‘umm’ed and ‘ahh’ed about and in the end chose not to back.. And, honestly, I seriously regret it! Luckily for me a friend had the common sense to back it, but if you aren’t so fortunate it’s a game I’d recommend you get if you like dice management or worker placement games. A quality game!