Boardgame moments

Carcassonne (BG Moment)

Tonight’s game was Carcassonne. Always a top choice! Although I only have up to the inns and cathedrals expansion at the moment, we still managed a top score of 146 which both me and my partner got to draw at the end. Her points came from a gargantuan castle with the cathedral in it that was supposed to waste her turns.. No matter how much we tried to hinder or sabotage her she still finished it! Between her castle and my friend’s insanely well placed farmers it was a quality game, however I felt pretty rusty at it as I haven’t played in a while. Here’s the final map we produced. You can probably see the tiles that were placed to intentionally sabotage specific castles and monasteries. I always panic when someone plays a tile next to something I’ve got ownership over. I hate the feeling that my 6 turns building something may come to nought as someone has excellently stolen it! I say that, but I’m the usual culprit for doing it to the others!