Boardgame moments

The Bucket of Doom (BG Moment)

So the other day I played Jack Box 5 with friends and we played Patently Stupid. A think on your feet explanation game… and I honestly got a clear craving to play BoD (Bucket of Doom). I love playing it, but most of my usual group struggle with quick fire ideas and short imaginative narratives. Some people really do struggle with it, it’s completely alien to them! Only because of my work am I more confident being able to think on my feet, but even then I’m by no means an expert.

The concept of the game is to escape certain death scenarios using an item from a stack of cards. You draw two cards and can choose either to help. Choosing an item best suited to help over the other is easy. Being able to narrate your escape in a convincing and humorous manner is the hard part. I’ve played it with many people and I’ve found that following a theme of story is best. I once introduced a cat called Gaz to help me escape being burned at the stake as a witch by delivering a rope, and he rocked up once or twice more to help me by delivering a beach donkey when I was put in prison with big Barry.. I didn’t escape my fate then. My partner is the first person to say she can’t think on her feet, but more often than not she makes the best stories through a series of quality blunders. We’ve found that the best and funniest method of play is the MacGyver method. You’re given a scenario to escape from where your fate seems guaranteed to be dark, you construct a narrative, then you pull out prize item to save the day and narrate how you’ll use it to turn it all around. Being able to think on your feet for a known item is one thing, however planning for the unknown is very difficult; especially when you can’t contain your laughter at your own luck (or misfortune!)

It’s an adult party game due to the context of some scenarios and items in use, but to claim it is similar to other adult card games like Cards Against Humanity is to do BoD a disservice. The number of scenarios and variety of items to use are only capped by the players’ abilities to explain how they’ll escape or survive. It’s a completely different kettle of fish as players score based on their ability to make use of the cards they have as opposed to getting lucky by matching 2 cards to one another. If you have a group of 4 or more and are able to think on your feet it’s one I’d definitely recommend.