Under The Lid

Nemesis – First Impressions (Under The Lid)

I don’t understand watching unboxing videos if you’ve ordered something. If you are questioning whether to get a game, yeah it makes sense; check the quality through the unboxing video and get a feel for it. Otherwise they’re of not much use. I have nothing against them, I just don’t get the whole ‘watching someone else unbox something I’m going to receive myself’ thing. Which is why I haven’t watched one of Nemesis… Plus I wanted that initial ‘WOW’ factor at what was in the box. I mean, I’m not sure whether you’ve read my moans elsewhere or not but I was pretty frustrated that the parcel was supposed to be delivered one day but it wasn’t… Long story short it arrived a day late. Either way, it’s here and I’m chuffed.

Now for some pure hypocrisy, here are some photos of my unboxing.

So straight off the bat you’re shown the bonus content. Not stretch goals or extra content, bonus content. Sure some of it was a bit of an ad for their next game, but giving you content for it and an art book is pretty awesome! On top of that was a letter from the big chief CEO and the campaign stories for alternative play with the necessary counters.

Then came the box. And it’s a big one.. Massive actually! I’m not actually sure it will fit onto my shelf! My partner’s initial question was where it was going… I’m glad she was as enthused as I was! And then I pulled the lid off (and yeah, I savoured that moment of the base coming off!)

The most incredible thing about this was that everything fit. And it made sense that it fit! Usually I remove components and massively struggle to return it back to looking anything like it did without the lid sitting 4 inches proud of the base, but this made sense! Even the second layer (yes, two layered container) made perfect sense. It was clear where the tiles would go and where all the components would be stored, no confusion. It was almost like it was made for real humans! ‘Human’ proof!The figures were extremely well made and designed. Clearly there was a lot of time and effort put into choosing each detail. They were both hideous and stunning! These are the quality of components that make you question whether you should start painting them to add that extra bit of detail. On top of that, the stretch goal additions were pretty beautiful. The fire tokens look awesome and of very high quality! And although the card holders may seem a random inclusion, for something that’s so well put together it’s clear they have strong purpose especially when remembering his is a semi-cooperative game!

This was possibly my most favourite ‘human’ addition. I love Kickstarters and the enthusiasm that developers have to encourage backers to sleeve cards… But then none of the cards fit! Behold! Common sense in action!

The final picture of the insides. All counters, tiles and components removed from the card and added to the box. And it fits. A truly ‘human proof’ design.

The last thing that cleared up any confusion was where I would store the game. Clearly the developer had seen this issue arising and had thought they would answer the question.You don’t. They included a stand.