Boardgame moments

Smash Up Awesome Level 9000 (BG Moment)

Quick one last night between waiting on a takeaway.. A long, long wait… Anyway! Last night we played Smash Up with the Awesome Level 9000. After the last time we played I couldn’t resist not getting an expansion as soon as I’d relived the nostalgia of the game again… I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist, but it’s a downhill and slippery slope now, I’ve set a trend! A routine! Next time we play we’ll need another expansion. And another… Alderac will love me, my bank account won’t. Treading in dangerous waters! But damn, those new factions! All I remembered about the last time I played (we’re talking a good few years ago) was that Plants and Ghosts were a bad combination, so I’d been deterred from playing as either of them… E got Ghost Robots, D got Ninja Steampunks and I was Plant Tricksters. I personally believe I got ripped off with my combination and E absolutely dominated the game. I was left behind on 4 points while she stormed onwards to 12. Those Robots were bad enough alone, but the Ghosts just edged her to break every base in 2 rounds! Definitely need another expansion… I’m thinking Big In Japan. Maybe some cute collectibles can take down the Robot menace!

It’s incredible how well the factions just fit into the base game and integrate with others. I can moan I was handed a bad combo but I know I wasn’t. The fall of the cards wasn’t shocking and the hands I drew could have been used better in hindsight. Because I’d not used Tricksters before I had no idea about their play style, whereas E had been Robots before and knew how they worked best. Experience is the key for Smash Up, and with the expansions I’m no doubt going to order it’s gonna be a while before I master this one! Always a quality game!