Boardgame moments

A Festive Post (BG Moment)

Thought I’d crack out a post whilst the family unwinds in front of the TV. First of all, if you celebrate, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Otherwise, happy holidays! Whether you go for Christmas or not, it’s a day off and a good opportunity to see family and loved ones. Myself and my partner went to my folk’s house back up north this year and it was very traditional (tradition as in how my family does Christmas anyway!). Anyway, I received Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game as a gift. My only boardgame related gift this year but a cracking one! I’ve played it before a while ago and don’t remember all the ins and outs.. But I’m hyped as it’s the first proper deck builder I now own and it’s Marvel! Double bonus.

I have also seen many people receive lots of boardgames or boardgame related gifts in different groups across Twitter and Facebook and, honestly, I’ve spied a few that are now on my wish list!

As for my Christmas, after the standard stuffing of oneself with food and binging on classic TV, I managed to get some family to play games! This in itself was a miracle, never mind reading into the time of year! It was their suggestion too (maybe my amazon wish list inspired them to try a game or two?). If you’ve listened to my first podcast entry you’ll know I’m not lucky enough to have tonnes of people to play with and my family aren’t eager to try it out. We kept it light, Carcassonne without the expansions and Shipwreck Arcana, so as not to scare them off straight away, and they really enjoyed it! Shipwreck was more them watching/being in the room whilst myself and my partner played, but getting two of them to try Carcassonne was an achievement. Naturally, I started nicely so they could get to grips with the ins and outs. My partner on the other hand went for the jugular and immediately demonstrated how to steal someone else’s castle. We’re a competitive bunch so it didn’t go down well, but it was very good fun!

The best outcome from this would be that, having had them try out some games, they’d be more inclined to try others. I try to be a big advocate of getting people try out boardgames and having them have a go! Expanding the hobby! It could even become another tradition for my family, alongside the copious amount of food and wine!