Boardgame moments

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters (BG Moment)

Damn we found this children’s game difficult. Emphasis on children’s game. 8+ I believe. And it royally whooped us! We’re not amateur gamers, nor are we short of brain cells… but no matter our battle plan, we lost! We even invented a house rule to give ourselves an extra haunt to play with but it was never to any avail!

If you aren’t familiar with this beastly game, it’s a simple enough one; you’re treasure hunters and you gotta fight ghosts. You enter a house based and move based on a dice roll, every number bar 6 means you also have to reveal a card to either add a ghost or shuffle the deck (in the advanced rules, you also might lock doors through cards or need to pick up 2/3!). Your objective is to steal all the treasure from the house before 6 haunts happen, each of which happen when 3 ghosts inhabit the same room. You can remove ghosts by fighting, but require 2 hunters and a specific dice result to beat a haunt. Once you have a piece of treasure, you need to get out of the house to drop it off, then you can go back in for another (again, the advanced version is cruel and requires you to get the treasures in numerical order… and the numbers need revealing!).

Now at first myself and another member of our group were put off as the movement was dice based. It didn’t help when my partner got excited that it looked like cluedo. Although I actually think I’d rather my character had been taken down by Colonel Mustard in the study with the candlestick, as this game was unforgiving. It doesn’t seem difficult at first, the initial few rounds are very tame, a few ghosts appear but numbers are pretty manageable as they appear quite close to where everyone wants to go. Then you get your first haunting and everything goes upside down! And it’s always difficult when faced with two rooms of two ghosts.. Either could become a haunt, and Sod’s law is that it’s always the room you don’t go in. It was a major mess by midway and we couldn’t figure out where we went wrong!

Don’t be put off by how difficult we believed the game to be. We could quite easily have been missing very big things or obvious hints; it’s happened before.. But we thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a game we would definitely recommend and will be playing again to beat.