Boardgame moments

Betrayal Legacy (BG Moment)

First off. This post is spoiler free. I promise. It’s just a very quick post anyway!

I just wanted to say that I may have been wrong about Legacy games for the most part; there is a point to them. I had fears that, once finished, the game would be unplayable however the game is playable once done and is made to be playable. Though we will be running the campaign first! My group put in together to get Betrayal Legacy and we ran through the prologue and Chapter1 and we thoroughly enjoyed it! So much so that I can’t wait for the next play! I take back all I said (although tearing a card in half did take a lot of mental strength… everything inside screamed that it was wrong to do so!). The thing that immediately got me was the nostalgia of playing Betrayal hitting me with the set up and whatnot… I just remembered the excitement of my first games of that and I couldn’t help myself but get hyped. And the way the game evolves (even from just the outset chapters) is genius! If you’re a Betrayal fan, this is the Legacy game for you!