Boardgame moments

DinoGenics (BG Moment)

Short post!

Yesterday I learned to play DinoGenics for the and I was very impressed. If you love Jurassic Park, awesome dino meeple or worker placement games, this is for you! I’m not a big worker placement gamer, Carcassonne and bullfrogs are about my limit, but for a worker placement game there’s a lot of underhand tactics available to players and it allows for lots of out manoeuvring!

There’s the obvious ‘who ever is winning is winning’ but the way the scoring works allows players to exceed more and more each round, but also allows for you to come from behind with enough preparation and planning (or sheer luck). I went from no dinos and 0 points in round 2 to a close third place at the end, missing second by 6 points. Playing it has made me regret missing the Kickstarter (as most good games do!) but luckily one of our group had the common sense to back it! The game estimated 90-120 minutes but I imagine after a play or two we could have cut our time down to 60.

If you do get the chance to play it I would strongly advise you to do so.