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Unfortunate Timing (Resident Evil 2: The Boardgame)

Blah, blah, blah, I love survival horror.. if you’ve read any of my blog posts you’ll know the old song and dance I throw out every time; Survival Horror is my jam. However, I’ve recently discovered something about Resident Evil 2: The Boardgame… I love it, but I don’t want to play it. It’s unheard of really! I loved Betrayal and played it non-stop with my group, I loved Coma Ward and we’re whipping it out at every opportunity, I loved Pandemic: Cthulhu and that’s the version I’d rather play… But RE2, the actual survival horror game, is the one I’d rather not get out… Hear me out.

So the hype knowing I was going to get it was unreal. And I loved it when I got it. My partner and I would play it most weekends when we Not only am I a survival horror fan, but I’m a huge fan of Resident Evil itself. (Maybe not so much the films.) I genuinely loved the details of the models and the tiles; personally I believe that Steamforged Games hit the nail on the head with these. Whenever we got the chance we’d break it out and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We weren’t always the biggest fans of the dice based combat, but knowing the game was against us encouraged us to push forward and choose our battles more carefully. That, combined with the fact it retold the story of the original RE2 video game, meant it was more absorbing than a game without any means of storytelling or that relied on you to tell your own story. Sure it wasn’t a perfect game, but it was amazing… The most upsetting thing about the RE2 boardgame is the timing of its release. The game was delivered just before Christmas for me, meaning that I only managed to play it once the mad rush had finished. And even then, that was only about 30 days before the game became redundant as an homage to the original game.

On the 25th January, Resident Evil 2: Remake was released. This release meant that the board game was no longer the homage to the original that people believed it to be. It was just a video game board game. The remake became the homage, it became the hype, it removed any and all chance of the board game being remembered as a decent quality tribute to its roots. Whenever I fancy experiencing a bit of RE2, I’ll always go for the remake. My partner is the same, and she’s spooked by most everything! By no means is the board game a bad game, nor is it a bad clone/flavour of the original… The issue is that a better one arrived before it managed to build any pace in the market. Which is a shame, but a brutal fact of life; being first doesn’t guarantee you the most glory. Maybe when the hype around the remake is done and dusted, I’ll return to the boardgame version and relive a slower paced but equally as engaging version of the RE2 story, but I can’t see that happening for a long while yet!