Board Game Review, TL;DR

A Glancing Review of Shadows of Kilforth (TL;DR)

The TL;DR of it all is that Shadows of Kilforth is a quality adventure game that provides just the right amount of direction so it isn’t linear. You have goals to achieve, you achieve them, the goal posts move. This in itself is beautifully executed and makes the game excellently replayable. Couple in variable starting characters and a plethora of encounters and you’ve got a solid experience every time.

You’ve got to complete four chapters and a finale, then defeat an Ancient. Completing these is done by finding Keywords on rumour cards, collected through encounter cards. These can be engaged using any appropriate stats available. The combat and tests are easier to achieve and attain as time goes on, but there’s a steep achievement curve earlier in the game. However, the game’s focus on adventuring and exploring to find things encourages the collection of assets to help you. Cooperatively, the game is great fun and requires lots of communication. Sharing ideas and leaving enemies for others is encouraged and drives the game forward. Competitively, there are things to stop players storming ahead, but the game is still full of chatter and discussion,

You Might Love

The theme, art style, replay-ability and freedom to choose. It’s an adventure game that delivers adventure, what more could you want!?

You Might Like

Being given some direction and being able to see how close you are to losing. You can see the clock and your time wasting is your own.

You Might Tolerate

Being unable to find that one keyword, but adventuring and engaging nonetheless. The adventure continues, you’re just looking in the wrong places!

You Might Dislike

The initial uphill climb and steep progression incline that gradually reduces. The world doesn’t scale with your abilities – there’s little hand holding!

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