Board Game Review, TL;DR

A Glancing Review of Trust Me, I’m A Doctor (TL;DR)

The TL;DR of it all is that Trust Me, I’m A Doctor is a great party game that provides a great level of comedy and opportunity to role play. Perfect for any budding medics experts, you’ll argue whose cure is the best and why your opposers’ should be stripped of their medical licenses.

You need to successfully claim three ailment cards by convincing patients that your proposed cure is the best. All cards are decorated with historic artwork and diagrams to show these practices in all their gory glory, which is a lovely touch! The concept itself is executed superbly, but the issue of bias raises its head – as it does in most party games. This is, however, forgiven due to the nature of the party game: to have fun. Trust Me, I’m A Doctor is a unique party game in the respect that you’ll argue over which medieval “cure” will best treat the patient’s blood ghosts. It produced a lot of laughs and we’d recommend it!

You Might Love

The opportunity to really get into it! You’ll be a classic medical practitioner of olde in no time, offering heroin for every other ailment!

You Might Like

The historic accuracy of the cures and charmingly clever captions. Context and nothing left to the imagination, the best kind of cure!

You Might Tolerate

Being thrown into role-play. The beater you gesticulate and wave your arms, the more medical you are. Being coy won’t do you any favours.

You Might Dislike

The heavy risk of bias and therefore not winning. All choice party games suffer this, it’s inevitable. We’d highly recommend this game despite this, but acknowledge the risks!

If you’ve got time to go more in-depth, our longer review can be found here!