Board Game Review, TL;DR

A Glancing Review of Expancity (TL;DR)

The TL;DR of Expancity by Breaking Games is that it’s a great game that relies on resource management, tile placement, and in game scoring. If you’re a fan of thematic games, this one’s got a lovely way of making it look like you’re building a literal city! Aesthetically, the game is a true winner! As for gameplay, it’s a delight for those who can plan ahead, and for those opportunists who’ll nab points where they can. There’s an incredibly low level of entry for this genre of game and it stands out for the tactics available within it.

Expancity is a game that allows you and your competitors to build a city. You’ll contribute a mixture of commercial and residential houses, alongside many modifying establishments. Players can earn contracts to complete in game and buildings are scores upon completion. The winner is whomever scores the most points when the final location tile is placed. It can be tricky to complete some contracts, and many are contextual to the tiles placed thus far. Having an impossible contract, or one that you spend ages completing is hard near the end game, and it makes the race to collect contracts a bit of a bun fight initially. However, this is forgiven due to its wonderful play and thematic image.

You Might Love

  • The theme and aesthetics. You build a literal city on your table!

You Might Like

  • The tactics available for such a simple game. Super easy to access, but it should appeal to everyone!

You Might Tolerate

  • The game’s length. It says it takes up to 2 hours, and it really does.

You Might Not Like

  • Knowing you’ve definitley lost near the end of the game. Why play if you’ve lost?

If you’d like to check out the full review, our version can be found here. It’s also available on Zatu here!