Board Game Review, TL;DR

A Glancing Review of Marvel Villainous Infinite Power (TL;DR)

Marvel Villainous Infinite Power is a wonderfully excellent rendition of Disney’s Villainous with a superhero makeover. You’ll play as four known villains from the MCU, and one from the comics. Each has their own goal, allies, and unique deck to utilise. They also contribute their own Fate cards to a collective deck, enabling everyone to utilise them against everyone, whilst ensuring the card are relevant to the opposition.

There’s no denying how heavily saturated the game is in terms of its theme. Everything has an influence from the comic books and it wears it with pride. If you aren’t a comic buff, you’ll still enjoy the game. If you hate Marvel with a passion, you may want to stick to the Disney variant. Having all players have unique goals works well, and knowing the characters gains you an understanding of how to defeat them. Going in blind however will put you at. A major disadvantage – ask about you opposers and always explain you goals. Winning through someone else’s naïveté is a hollow win. If you’re a fan of take-that or asymmetrical games, or are looking for a game soaked to the bone in superhero villainy, this is a cracking choice.

You Might Love

  • The adjusted theme for wider, more recent audiences. It’s Villainous with THANOS!

You Might Like

  • The change to the Fate deck, allowing for more on the fly tactical manoeuvres and harder hits. Knowing what hurts who helps, a lot!

You Might Tolerate

  • The game is drenched in a Marvel theme, but diluted to fit the mechanics. Who would really win in a fight; Thanos or Taskmaster? Be real.

You Might Not Like

  • It’s whole heartedly take that, and having receiving that from all opposers slows your progress to a snails pace. Having everyone out to get you will surely dry your experience out.

If you’d like to check out our full review, you can find it here! It’s also available on Zatu here!