Board Game Review, TL;DR

A Glancing Review of Squire for Hire (TL;DR)

Squire for Hire by Letiman Games is a head to head (or four player free for all) game of organisation. Your objective is to organise a hero’s pack as they complete quests. You’ll complete quests by sacrificing items or having specific numbers of item types, and gain more loot cards doing so. As you progress, you’ll add more and more to your ever growing stack, claiming bonus points for duplicates next to one another and also for unique bonuses your squire gains. The game ends when all loot cards are claimed and the winner of the game is whomever accumulates the most points.

You Might Love

  • The ease of access. It’s a game you can learn and play in under 30 minutes, and still score well!

You Might Like

  • The concept and theme. You’re the unsung hero! It explains how the hero carries all his loot – he doesn’t, you do.

You Might Tolerate

  • The unexpectedly large footprint. Despite its small, compact size, it is definitely not a small surface game.

You Might Not Like

  • The length of the game. It’s not at all heavy, and will be over and done with before you’ve blinked. If you need a long filler, this isn’t it.

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