Board Game Review, TL;DR

A Glancing Review Of ALBA (TL;DR)

ALBA is a choose your own adventure, choice driven narrative. It’s entirely solo and requires reading and choosing things whilst logging events, happenings and occurrences as directed. The story is set after a terrible global event. You were born in the new world, and traverse to the old one for your own purposes. Initially you are guided through several chapters but can then choose where to go and how to tackle things. There’s strong narrative throughout and the world around you hums and buzzes with activity outside of your decisions and choices. The characters feel alive and independent of your adventure – whether they’re involved or not is sometimes down to your choices! However, you aren’t the hero, but you impact what you can to change what you feel you should.

You Might Love

  • The strong narrative, characters and descriptions. There’s a beautiful aesthetic in the descriptions set and you’re never left with a blank face or a still image. The world buzzes with activity around you!

You Might Like

  • The freedom of choice. How you tackle things is down to you, and the impact you have will be influenced directly by this!

You Might Tolerate

  • The theme. It’s post apocalyptic. It’s tried, tested and for some it may feel used.

You Might Not Like

  • The lack of impact you have. Adventure narratives with “choose your own” styles generally result in you saving the day. Here, there’s no day to be saved,

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