Board Game Review

Stirring Up the Competition! (Wok and Roll Mini-Review)

Wok and Roll by Origame is a roll and write with a delicious theme and a whole platter of variability! It takes around 35 minutes to play and plays for 1-5 players.

How to Play

The aim in Wok and Roll is to match dice symbols to create meals, making use of the red ingredient dice on your own rolls. Players may make complete multiple recipes on a turn, but cannot store ingredients rolled from round to round. They may also make use of their own fridge ingredients and can unlock abilities to convert Recipe books to other ingredients. A turn consists of a player rolling all six dice – with up to three re-rolls – then players allocating those results to complete recipes. The rolling player uses all six dice whereas everyone else uses just the white dice.

Players may only complete vertically stacked recipes (dishes) in order but horizontal ones (dish platters) can be done as needed. Many recipes also grant bonus ingredients when completed with their linked recipe, making timing integral to maximise your points and recipe completion. The game ends when a player has complete three full dish or dish platters. Points are then added up and bonuses earned – were appropriate if unlocked. Whomever scores the most after this, wins!

Full Thoughts

Wok and Roll is a delectable little roll and write. The theme is lovely and executed well within the mechanics of the game, making it surprisingly addictive and very enjoyable! As you complete recipes you too will find yourself rehearsing ingredients as you fulfill dishes. “Shrimp, shrimp, rice” will become a staple chant around the table as you all work out which dice to assign to which scrumptious scorer.

It’s shockingly clever how much impact having two extra dice has from turn to turn. Having those bonus dice makes your life so much easier.. and for those feeling spicy, you can roll the dice until the most coveted results are on those… keeping them just for yourself! There’s not a lot to complain about with Wok and Roll. It’s a roll and write without much downtime or waste. The only risk you have is poor ingredient management and wasted dice.

Wok and Roll is a superbly light, excellently fun little filler. It’ll never fulfil your hunger for the meatiest and thinkiest experience, but you’ll definitely get a quality appetiser from this beauty. I don’t generally enjoy roll and writes as a game, but Wok and Roll is one I keep coming back to. The level of variety, flavours of game and enjoyment I get is from both its superb mechanics and its delicious theme. Absolutely recommended!