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5 Easy Access Games

Games range from the tremendously complex to the relatively simple. We’ve compiled a list of five games we think anyone can approach, pick up, and play!

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Punching Cthulhu in his Tentacles (Cthulhu Death May Die)

Ever wanted the chance to punch an Elder God square in the jaw? Well, Cthulhu Death May Die is a superb opportunity to do so whilst enjoying a quality game. Check our thoughts out here!

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Horrific Journeys Expansion for Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition (Unboxing)

‪Our first impressions of the contents of the Horrific Journeys #expansion for Mansions of Madness Second Edition by @FFGames. Will it tear our minds from the fabric of reality? Or leave us with a light feeling of nausea?‬ Find out here!

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Cthulhu Death May Die (Half Blind Unboxing)

‪Our half-blind unboxing and first impressions of our Kickstarter copy of Cthulhu Death May Die and the stretch goals of the Unspeakable Box. Will it leave a mark on our minds? Or drift off into our subconscious... Check out our thoughts ‪here!

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Big City By The Sea (Machi Koro 5th Anniversary Expansion Bundle)

What makes a city into a big city? The lifestyles of the rich and a harbour, of course! Check out our thoughts on Machi Koro’s expansion bundle!

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Nemesis Stretch Goals (Half Blind Unboxing)

Our half blind unboxing of the Nemesis Stretch Goals - Void Seeders and Aftermath expansions. Check out our first impressions on the meaty and excellently produced content here!