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Sub Terra in (about) three minutes!

Sub Terra is one of our favourite games, ever. The theme, the tension and the gameplay just add up to a perfect combination for us. Check out our thoughts, in (about) three minutes, here!

Boardgame moments

My First Expo (UKGE2019)

Our first expo was quite the experience. Boardgames, hilarity, awesome people and more games. The UKGE2019 was a fantastic event and we loved every second thanks to the people and events organised.

Boardgame moments

Boardgame Music (BG Moment)

Now this is one of those where I'm not certain if I'm the only one who does this... but does anyone else need music to play certain games? And I'm not taking about sticking the radio on or whacking the Top 40 on either.. I'm talking themed music. Background noise to set an atmosphere. Something… Continue reading Boardgame Music (BG Moment)